About Us



… it was with this mission that Becky Jewelry was born! 

When we talk about the Becky Jewelry brand, the collections and the innovative design, we are also telling a bit about the history of our customers.

A graduation, many birthdays, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, weddings, births, wedding anniversaries, special moments. Dates that are part of the lives of many people and that, with great joy, we celebrate together.

“Turn dreams into jewelry. It was with this mission that Becky Jewelry was born.”

Idealized by Rebecca Huewes, Becky Jewelry was born with a commitment to offer pieces created with the same care that antique jewelers have exclusive and eternal jewels.

Since then, her precious creations have gained more and more space in the jewelry market and in the hearts of consumers. Today, Becky Jewelry is sold to more than 160 countries.